• Instant Pot Beef Masala Curry

    Warm, savoury curry with a hint of spice and so very easy- this is one of my favourite dishes that I’ve made in the Instant Pot. The recipe is heavily adapted from the Gastrosense blog. I’ll share what changes we made below but this one is definitely, definitely a keeper. Changes I made Because I […]


  • Glossary of Instant Pot Terminology

    When you first get an Instant Pot, you are so excited. That box on your porch means a whole world of culinary opportunities have just opened up for you. You log in to Facebook to join the biggest Instant Pot support ground and all of a sudden, you’re bombarded with these new terms that make […]


  • Instant Pot Penne with Meatballs

    Who doesn’t love pasta? Certainly not our family. My kids can have pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner and all the snacks in between. Even though I shouldn’t, I often accompany them in this pursuit to consume all the pasta on the Eastern Seaboard, I’ve been working on subbing regular pasta out for whole wheat […]