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Sleep Training: Some Old Tips & Huckleberry

I recently did an Instagram live where I talked about my brush with baby blues following the birth of my boys. In both instances, the key thing that pushed me deeper into feeling unhappy was lack of sleep. And in both cases, sleep training the boys was instrumental in helping me regain some control over […]

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Magnetic Tiles: Our Best Toy Investment, Ever

I still remember the day when our older son received his first box of magnetic tiles called Magnatiles. We hadn’t seen them before in any of the toy stores but they looked super cool. I recently sent this picture to the friend who gave us the tiles and wrote to her about how these have […]

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When You Have a Sick Newborn: 3 Warning Signs

When your newborn is sick

Bringing your newborn baby home from the hospital is such an amazing moment. My kids are now 6 and almost 3 and I still remember every detail of bringing them home. Having to go back to the hospital because you have a sick newborn can quickly turn that joy and euphoria into a full-out panic […]

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FORGIVE: My Word for 2018

My word for 2018 is FORGIVE. It might seem like an odd choice of word for a mompreneur, especially one who is focusing on growing her businesses and online presence. However, I have decided on this word for my emotional well-being and for the well-being of those I care about the most. I have thought […]

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Fat Obsessed

Growing up in a South Asian family, I always observed an obsession with weight.  Whether the subject is newborn babies, teenage girls, or grown women, it appears to be a topic of discussion. I don’t think it’s limited to one culture and the more I talk to people, the more I feel that it’s almost […]

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Every challenge has its obstacles. Weight-loss, ESPECIALLY for moms, is a super difficult challenge. Not only are there time and freedom restrictions- eg, you can’t just go running when you’re free because there are two little ones attached to your leg- but also, if you’re overweight, ,there are physical and mental obstacles that you must […]

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