Learning from Home Resources

When I initially posted my Instagram stories with the tour of our playroom-turned-study room, I had no idea that my inbox would explode with that many DM’s asking for the links to different. Below I’ve collected links to all the items I mentioned in my stories and I hope you find these as helpful as […]

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Beautiful Boy Nursery Reveal

I am so excited to share our beautiful boy gender neutral nursery with pops of robin blue for accents. This room is my favourite in our whole house for how serene and beautiful it is.

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Sexual Abuse Happens to Muslim Women Too

sexual abuse happens to muslim too

Please note that I am neither a scholar nor a trained psychologist. I am writing this post in hopes of starting a much-needed conversation about the fact that sexual abuse happens to Muslim women too and sharing some support and resources that are available. Watch the Facebook LIVE here.  Dr. Christine Blasye Ford’s testimony will […]

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Favorite Products for Healthy Glowing Skin

favourite products for healthy glowing skin

As recently as last year, I didn’t have to work too hard to keep maintain healthy glowing skin. It just came naturally. I was lucky to not really struggle with acne and aside from a few breakouts here and there, I honestly didn’t have to put much thought into it. Then something changed. Suddenly, I […]

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Social Media Is a Highlights Reel

As a blogger with a social media presence, I put myself out there every day KNOWING that there are those who will not resonate with my story or my message. Even though I have always tried to share the good, the bad and the ugly, a recent DM I received really shook me up. It made […]

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12 Marriages Lessons I’ve Learned in 12 Years

My husband and I got married when we were both very young. I was finishing my second year of university and my husband had just graduated. Looking back, I’m amazed by how young and naive we were. We knew that there was no one we wanted to be with, very soon after meeting. Despite different […]

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